Webinar Bootcamp

You want more and better qualified sales leads …but HOW ?

Digital marketing is a PROVEN and SIMPLE way to attract top-quality leads.

Talk with people READY to buy your product or service using:

  • webinars
  • podcasting
  • screencasting
  • live video streaming

Embrace INNOVATIVE ideas to dramatically INCREASE your sales success.

Welcome… I’m Dave Williams and I’d like to show you how to achieve new sales within 6 weeks using the Webinars That Work Lead Generation System.

It’s time to move beyond the traditional approach of generating sales leads. Give me a few hours of your time and I’ll show you how to harness the power of NEW MEDIA MARKETING using web seminars, teleseminars, podcasting, micro-messaging and video streaming to achieve astonishing sales results.

I invite you to register for our field-tested Webinar Bootcamp scheduled at a time convenient for you. Using our unique, step-by-step Blueprint, I’ll share our approach for starting a digital conversation which builds a quality relationship with your prospects and customers and then delivers the sales results that you need.

Our personalized and customized Webinars That Work Bootcamp:

checkis a practical, step-by-step program designed to yield real business results in 6 weeks

checkexplains the value of webinars, teleseminars, podcasting, blogging and live video streaming

checkgives you the ability to continuously uncover quality sales leads every 90 days

checkis filled with detailed expert case studies which illustrate how to achieve success

checkincludes three 90-minute, one-on-one training sessions coupled with 4 hours of coaching

checkoffers education, training, homework, individualized critique and personal assistance

checkprovides a series of essential, quick-start templates which you can easily edit

will begin when your personal schedule permits

ichecks NOT a one-size-fits-all solution

Invest a little effort now and receive the personal help to QUICKLY gain impressive sales success.

When you attend our Webinar Bootcamp, we will share the secrets for lead generation which we’ve learned over the past few years working with our clients. Using digital media, they discovered a way of selling that is less expensive than any other method they have ever used and gets more results than any other method they have ever seen. We’ll walk you through a profound business growth experience which teaches you how to create dramatic sales growth, faster, better, smarter and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

“Using an online collaboration tool has been essential for our CEO Forums™ as it allowed CEOs from 23 countries to avoid having to travel around the world to learn the keys to “Fast Track Growth” and how to double their sales in 12 months. Results… we have sales reps using webinar technology in their sales cycle and they each have been able to add an additional Million dollars in sales in the last 12 months. Thanks for sharing your brilliance, Dave.”

….Ted Miller, Vice President of Chet Holmes International

Why should you attend this practical Lead Generation Bootcamp?

To increase the value to you, our Bootcamp is a series of three 90-minute, personalized, online meetings, coupled with four hours of one-on-one coaching specifically designed to get you on the right path.

step1We begin by identifying your marketing message and aligning that message to match your sales expectations for the next few weeks. Will what you’re saying be heard and understood by your market? Why will they decide to buy your product or service? What level of sales can you achieve within 6 weeks and can it be repeated every month?

step2From there, using our Blueprint for Success, we create a list of beneficial new media marketing activities, assess your list of potential attendees to invite to your first and second online events, map out an effective registration process and evaluate the best technology on the market to meet your needs. It will be ESSENTIAL to create a detailed timeline and identify the critical resources required to yield success.

step3Finally we identify a productive lead follow-up procedure to ensure ongoing communication and future sales, critique the best method to build relationships with a level of warmth and trust, and adjust all marketing processes to ensure continuous sales each and every month.

Your homework activities will be critiqued during the periods of one-on-one coaching and you will receive many practical tips. Our goal is clear… you must completely understand how you can easily implement the step-by-step techniques of the Webinars That Work system to enjoy sales success within 6 weeks.

When you attend you’ll learn…

  • …the essential steps and procedures to generate qualified sales leads — every month.
  • …how to use new media marketing to attract the leads that you really want.
  • …how to ensure your digital “body language” is understood and doesn’t impede sales.
  • ..how to attract a broader yet qualified audience ready to buy your product or service.
  • ..how to build an email invitation list of people highly interested in your marketing message.
  • …how to successfully and creatively promote your web seminar or teleseminar event.
  • …how to make prospects want to meet with you above and before any of your competition.
  • …how to use recorded video to increase audience excitement to register for your event.
  • …how to use blogs & podcasts to increase attendance at your online presentation.
  • …how to double your registrant-to-attendee conversion ratio using an ethical incentive.
  • …how to modify your online sales message to focus on your core business story.
  • …how to plan, schedule and align the key web seminar activities with your marketing program.
  • …how to write effective copy for your invitation, registration and confirmation email.
  • …how to effectively use the telephone, VoIP, slides and live video as part of a webinar.
  • …how to deliver an impactful sales presentation during your online event.
  • …how to increase participation among web seminar attendees.
  • …how to successfully follow up with participants and generate new business within 6 weeks.
  • …how to identify the best webinar technology and choose an appropriate vendor.
  • …how to select, install and effectively use appropriate webcam and camcorder hardware.
  • …how to incorporate live “meet & greet” within your webinar or teleseminar presentation.
  • …how to identify and create an innovative lead follow-up process.
  • …how to incorporate video conferencing and live video streaming within your follow-up process.
  • …how to develop your lead process activity list to provide repeat sales every 30-days.
  • …how to create a Webinar That Works from preparation to presentation to follow through.

Please take a moment to read a few recent testimonials:

“Dave Williams has been encouraging our organization for many years to take advantage of a virtual conversation center as a way to build our business. We recently began embracing webinar technology and the results have been tremendous. We now have an easy and cost-efficient way to tell our story to prospects and clients all over the world. And our clients love it. This service will be a cornerstone in our marketing efforts”. . . Donald Cowper, VP Marketing, The Covenant Group

“I’m very happy with webinar technology. I have used it extensively to communicate with clients all over the world and it has made a huge difference in my business. I highly recommend this technology to anyone who wants to better communicate with their clients and grow their business”. . . Doug Dvorak, Dvorak Marketing Group

“Web seminars represent a breakthrough for my medical laboratory. It enables us to raise our virtual sales team meetings to a whole new level. Now, we’re preparing to do likewise with our client service and support. In addition to the obvious benefits of this technology, the other key benefit is the personalized service and support we receive when needed from Dave Williams. As with any new technology, you’ll have questions and Dave’s got the answers. We see webinars playing an increasingly significant role in our business development… it is a ‘wow’ experience for our staff and our clientele”. . . Jeffrey S. Zavik, CEO, Immuno Labs

Our Bootcamp will take your business to the next level!

During our personalized Webinar Bootcamp, you’ll be able to get your specific needs met. All you will need is internet access, a microphone and computer speakers… add a webcam to increase the value of your coaching sessions.

Our fee to help you achieve SUCCESS:

(a) three 90-minute, one-on-one training sessions, homework, templates and critique @ $199 – or -

(b) four 60-minute personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions @ $399


Not sure if you need to attend our Bootcamp? Then listen to our podcasts and download a copy of our “Blueprint For Webinar Success”. This free, 35-page self-study guide will give you answers!

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