Webinar Blueprint

Table of Contents

Part One: The BASICS To Getting Started

1. Introduction

2. What is the 6 step webinar process?

  • Event Planning — getting ready
  • Marketing and Promotion — inviting a qualified audience
  • Registration and Confirmation — who is coming
  • Webinar Preparation and Presentation Delivery — the digital event
  • Post-event Follow-up — who attended or didn’t and why
  • Sales Lead Management — who is and isn’t ready to buy and when

3. What are the elements of a webinar?

4. Why hold a webinar?

5. What do you need to easily begin?

6. A simple registration process map

7. Key questions for planning and preparation

8. Building an email invitation list

9. Promoting your webinar with strong email subject lines

10. Mistakes to avoid

Part Two: Advanced Details To Help You Succeed

1. What will impact Webinar Effectiveness?

  • what problems are most common?
  • what should be evaluated and questions answered to solve common problems?
  • is there a benefit to increasing webinar effectiveness?

2. How do you begin integrating a webinar within a marketing campaign?

3. How are activities grouped among team members?

  • administrative requirements
  • marketing requirements
  • technical requirements

4. What are the detailed action steps involved in a successful webinar?

  • preparation phase
  • capture, entice & remind phase
  • event phase
  • follow-up phase

5. Technology to evaluate

  • presentation software (traditional, Hangouts On Air, Blab)
  • registration software
  • attendee follow-up software
  • live streaming solutions
  • production tools

6. Developing an activity timeline process map

Part Three: Insight Into A New World and New Marketing Opportunities

1. Marketing has changed… There’s a new way to do business

2. Creating the best webinar that you can

3. What is the Webinars That Work process for sales success?

4. Patience in webinar marketing

5. Maximizing the power of social media to increase the number of leads

Part Four: Next Steps To Launch Your Webinar

1. Step-by-step do it yourself project

  • how to work through the Blueprint For Success document

2. Request webinar preparation assistance

  • select from two additional Webinars That Work Bootcamp solutions

3. Request marketing campaign analysis and webinar integration assistance

  • select a customized one-on-one coaching solution

4. Resources to access

- noteworthy resources

  • Donna Papacosta
  • Ronnie Bincer

- technical information
- marketing information

  • Adam Urbanski
  • Chet Holmes
  • Alex Mandossian
  • Jim Cathcart
Part Five: Become Part of Our Community

1. Receive information

2. Ask questions

3. Attend events